CATM-CFAR Detector in the Receiver of the Software

Defined Radar


Dejan Ivković

Milenko Andrić

Bojan Zrnić

Predrag Okiljević

Nadica Kozić


This paper presents a model of the CATM-CFAR  detector in the receiver of the software defined radar. The mentioned detector is named cell-averaging-trimmed-mean CFAR. It is a combination of cell-averaging and trimmed mean CFAR. It is implemented in the receiver of the software defined radar. Some results of a research project related to the design and implementation of the software radar receiver of the conventional radar are presented in this paper. Expressions for the probability of detection, the probability of false alarm and the average decision threshold are derived. The article presents detection of simulated radar targets in Weibull clutter and real radar targets in real clutter and compares the characteristics of the new CATM with some realized well-known CFAR detectors.

Key words: detector, detection, radar, target acquisition, clutter, receiver, software defined radar.






Scientific Technical Review , No.4,   2014