Comparison of Residual Stresses in Butt-Welded Plates Using Software Packages Abaqus and Ansys


Mato Perić

Dragi Stamenković

Vili Milković


Nowadays software packages Abaqus and Ansys are very often used for numerical simulation of welding process. The procedure of weld modeling by these two software packages is slightly different, which can result in differences in obtained results. In order to compare the results obtained by using these two software packages, a parallel analysis of residual stresses in the case of butt-weld of two plates has been carried out. The residual stresses have been calculated in cases of a shell/3D modeling and a full 3D modeling.

Key words: welded structure, butt-welding, plate, residual stresses, process modeling, finite element method, software realization, parallel analysis.




Scientific Technical Review , No.3-4,   2010